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Tuesday, November 27, 2001 :::

My teardrop burns a hole deep in the ground
Because were always separated
Now the pit of despair lies before me
And Ill throw you in and bury you alive
Ill send some roses, maybe they’ll help
Stop the hatred, the sadness, the chills
Peaceful sorrow does not exist
And now im fucking angry

Time is worthless
Its mind over matter
2 years apart
2 miles from my house
too long, too far for me
fuck your elders
they’ll die soon anyways
your young stay free
live life with no cares

what did you expect
when you went and said yes
was it right? Was it what you wanted?
did you think of that too?
did you think this was some game
to be played with and used?
Through all of your taunting
I can see your body
But I cant see your soul
Its eating me alive
The fact that your eyes
Are like razors cutting my heart into a million pieces
When you turn the other way

::: posted by Jovi at 8:14 PM

Sunday, October 07, 2001 :::
i miss ya steveo

::: posted by Angelise at 7:07 PM

Monday, September 24, 2001 :::
hi lauren
gimme a call....

::: posted by Jovi at 7:40 PM

hi steve

::: posted by Angelise at 5:07 PM

Wednesday, September 12, 2001 :::
is everything alright with u steve?

i hope the game went good
we sucked ass against parkland today.
jamie wasn't there so i played with sam..
we did alright. should have done better.
sigh. i'm so angry.

::: posted by Angelise at 4:01 PM

Tuesday, September 11, 2001 :::
why is blogger being such an ass?

hey i have a picture that i meant to
give to you today...tomorrow.

how are you doing?

::: posted by Angelise at 5:54 PM

Monday, September 10, 2001 :::
im always online!
we lost... 4-0
but i played about 65 minutes out of 80
at attacking center midfield... my fav position
i played pretty good today too
they were just good =(
sorry to hear about tennis!
yeah that would be hot to have you take pictures of us jamming =)

::: posted by Jovi at 7:14 PM

i don't go online any more.
do you?

hope the game went good today.
our match was cancelled...bleheh.

oh wow, the sky is beautiful right now.
it's a pale pink.
i should go take some pictures.
but i need to finish my work.
some other time...

so it would be ok if i took pictures
of you and the guys jamming???
pretty please =)

::: posted by Angelise at 4:25 PM

Tuesday, September 04, 2001 :::
i was in the locker room!
we were watching the game film from the night game which i didnt see you at! =)

::: posted by Jovi at 8:17 PM

i'm so glad steve is gonna be alright.
when is he coming back???

i've been meanin' to ask ya about kristin...
i wanted to know how things were going.
it sounds like everything is going just a ok
but i know what u mean about the missin'
her thing. sigh. sux.

how's soccer goin'?
and where were u today!
i was lookin' everywhere for you
at the stadium.

ya know a girl can really get
the feeling she's being avoided
with this kinda behavior!

::: posted by Angelise at 7:08 PM


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